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Nektaria Petrou

Nektaria Petrou lives in Istanbul, where she works in public relations for a Rum Orthodox community foundation.  She has an MA in Modern Greek Studies, a postgraduate diploma in Byzantine Studies, and a BA in English Literature and Classics. She speaks Greek, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Petrou's essays have been published in The Huffington Post, Al-Monitor, Daily Sabah, Mashallah News, and Panoply.

Her short fiction has been published in Ruminate and Sixfold. She has received honorable mentions in the Glimmertrain New Writer Contest (May/June 2017) and Ruminate's William Van Dyke Short Fiction contest. Other pieces are scheduled to be published soon in The Shanghai Literary Review and East of the Web.

Please check Facebook and Twitter for her latest publications.

Short Stories

In "Black Lace," a Greek woman who does not love her husband makes an unwelcome discovery.
>> Read Black Lace in Sixfold

In "The Evil-Eye Expert," a Jewish grandmother, a Muslim doorman, and an Orthodox Christian priest join forces to save a little girl from the evil eye. >> Ruminate's Spring 2015 Issue

In "The Angel and the Spook," a nonagenarian Greek spy suffers and identity crisis.
>> Read in East of the Web

Creative Non-Fiction

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