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A Forgotten Recipe A Novel about the Greeks of Istanbul

UNPUBLISHED . . . the image above is an illustration, not a book cover.

Novel Status: UNPUBLISHED, rights available

Title: A Forgotten Recipe

Genre: Upmarket, contemporary novel with historical background

At a café beside an overgrown cemetery, a group of Greek friends meets daily to uphold the centuries-old tradition of afternoon tea. When 32-year-old teacher Maria Badem, an American of Greek descent, shows up at the café, suave septuagenarian Fanis Palaiologos and shy, middle-aged pastry chef Kosmas Xenidis, both determined to find a wife of their own kind, fall for her.  Kosmas enlists Fanis's help in making himself over.  Believing that playing the matchmaking confidant will give him an advantage, Fanis gives Kosmas courtship pointersówithout, however, divulging any of his best secrets.  As this double courtship progresses, Fanis is troubled by his recent diagnosis of vascular dementia and also haunted by visions of his fiancée, who committed suicide after being raped during the 1955 pogrom.  Kosmas struggles to overcome his mother's and his own prejudices when he learns that Maria's father is not Greek, but a Muslim Turk.  Maria is charmed by both men but has reached a crossroads in her life: she must choose between Istanbul and Miami, her American boyfriend and her new suitors, her parents' fears and her own hopes.

Novel Length: 100,000 words

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